Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clayton would be proud

I made a decision this morning, as I realized how ridiculously overloaded I felt after one half hour of my first class this term... :-) I am not going to take ballet this term. Kind of sad, but after all, I was just taking it for kicks and to do ballet since I haven't in a while. We made the whole "stay in Utah for two more years" decision so that life would be a little less crazy and we might could enjoy being around each other and seeing Utah. That won't happen with 9.5 credits (equivalent to 19 in a regular semester) and 20 hours of work every week in spring term.

Also, I had an AWESOME vacation in Tennessee. Green trees, rain, thunderstorms, a brand new haircut, talent show, faith's softball game, NFL draft (okay, not exactly my choice of entertainment), 2 free movies, birthday party, awesome carrot cake, new clothes, new bread maker, all in all pretty much AMAZING! I'm glad to be back at school because I do enjoy it, but it's ever so much easier with Clayton here. 4 more days -- the countdown has begun.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Tax refund and text book sell back all in one day... not a bad day's work! :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sitting and waiting

I'm sitting in the computer lab waiting for my dvd to burn so I can be DONE with this dumb technology class. HALLELUJAH! It's been good because it has forced me to get Clayton to teach me to use things like a computer, but let's be honest. I've learned WAY more from Clayton than from my teacher. Good thing Clayton's patient with me...

So, today is Taylor's birthday. I had Shannon and Taylor over this morning, so Shannon and I made Taylor french toast with cinnamon raisin bread and peach syrup. This afternoon Taylor and I are going to go running up in the canyon. Tonight we are either going to buy cupcakes from a bakery that has AMAZING cupcakes, or buy milkshakes at Sammy's. That way we don't have to eat an entire cake! :-)

I taught the Charleston to the 5th grade class I teach at the elementary school today. They are learning about pre-WWII era. It was hysterical.

Well my dvd is done. I'm heading home!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I hate technology classes that the professor gives you an assignment and on occasion hands out sheets of paper with instructions, but mostly says -- this is the program you should use. Enjoy!

I'm so upset at this.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

:-) AND :-(

Clayton left today. :-(
Today is my last day of CLASSES! :-)
I have a mass project to do tonight. :-(
I'm going to make muffins while I do it though! :-)
My house is a wreck. :-(
I'll have a tiny tiny bit of extra time to clean it this week, if I quit offering to do extra things. :-)-ish
I'm STARVING!!! :-(
I have dancEnsemble class time at 3 pm and we are all getting treated to free lunch at costa vida! :-)
I have to be patient for 7 days... :-(
But, THEN, I get to go to TENNESSEE!

Wo zui xihuan Tiannasi! (for the record that is a phonetic spelling of the Chinese for, "I like Tennessee the best!")

I think that's everything. I'm too hungry to think... I'll guess I'll have to go lay around somewhere and whimper that I need food right now or I will die. (In chinese you can say that really easily. Wo e si le. I'm so hungry I'm going to die). If I was a problem solver, however, I would go visit the vending machine and buy crackers. Too many choices. And my final :-), I set a new record for my self today! 2 miles in 16:45! I don't think I'll ever beat Clayton's 3 miles in 17:30, but for a girl, 2 miles in under 17 is respectable, right?


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm really not a bad student

So, I'm in the middle of my technology class. I feel like I'm so sneaky and terrible for blogging in class. But let's be honest, I can't figure out how to adequately use the programs that we have at school, and Clayton has the same or better programs on his PC at home -- so I work on my projects at home with Clayton helping me every step of the way. I really don't like the macs at school. Mac's confuse me. Also I'm super afraid my teacher will walk by. lol.

I am super incredibly afraid of the dark. It's really interesting. I'm not a real scaredy cat but whenever I'm alone and it's dark, no matter where I am, I am freaked out. I'm not looking forward to when Clayton leaves next Tuesday... But at least for the first week I am forcing Taylor and my friend Shannon to stay with me. Now to find someone who will still be around the last week of April that will come stay with me...Or let me stay on their couch. As long as I'm not alone, I don't care. Okay, I'm going to pretend to be useful again!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Clayton and I had the most awesome day today. I woke him up at eight when I wanted to go to the bathroom but couldn't because when I went earlier during the night I decided to lock the door as I walked out (I do that a lot and I have no idea why -- weird). He opened it with a screwdriver. Then we layed in bed and watched an episode of Chuck. It's my favorite tv show. (Of the two that I on occasion watch -- after they come out on dvd). Clayton's favorite is Psych. They're both awesome. Then, we went running, watched conference, and made breakfast (waffles for him, french toast for me -- I wanted french toast and he doesn't like it), watched more conference, studied Chinese and went to work. We both worked 2-7 (well he worked 2-7:30). Why was it an awesome day? I have no idea. But I didn't do any school work! YAY!

Now I'm going to go end my day with some repentance in the school work area. I find that I would much rather go to work than do my homework. Why is that? Any ideas?