Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 more minutes

How does five minute blogging sound? Everytime I decide I have five extra minutes when I'm at a computer (that is NOT often), I can type up a blog for all five people who read my blog to enjoy... PERFECT! So, I fixed my problems from Friday! YAY! I am so excited! Oh I haven't announced this yet to the world, so here goes... I am changing my major from Dance Performance to Dance Education. This master plan will add two additional school years to Clayton and my stay in utah. :-( However, I will have almost an entire year taking pretty minimal credits so that Clayton and I have more play time -- we're stuck because of class progression requirements and classes only being offered in the fall. But then, we are going to come back to Tennessee -- where we have decided we belong. So in the long run, more time in Utah but we get back to Tennessee faster. YAY! By the way, I love teaching dance. It is my favorite. Period. And I really miss teaching aerobics. I need to just start a class for fun on Saturday mornings at my ward building or something... I wonder if people would come? I wonder if Clayton would hate me for coming up with one more great thing to do before 9 am on a Saturday morning? Well, there's my five minutes of rambling. I'm done.


Friday, March 26, 2010


I've had such a crappy day today. I just want to hide in a corner and pretend the world doesn't exist. And once Clayton gets home he can come find me and bring me ice cream. Peanut butter flavored. Can you believe it randomly snowed for 10 minutes today right when I was trying to film a video for my class? I can't decide it that will be a blessing of added interest or a curse of the weather not matching up in all the shots. Oh well. Lame post, I know -- but I'm in 15 minute parking and I've used up 13 of those.