Friday, June 26, 2009


I hate it when either Clayton or I are upset/mad/angry etc. and we don't talk about it. So, of course, the other person thinks it's all their fault, when in all honesty, it's not their fault at all. The end. It's time for bed.

Monday, June 22, 2009


So, I promised I'd post these. Here are some of my favorite engagement pictures. There are 175 of them, so everyone has their own favorites...but these are mine.

School's out!

So, spring term ended last week. Finals are over. I got straight A's! YEAH! That's my first time in college. And I was only stressed out for about two weeks out of the seven. I feel like that's a record.

Also, Clayton and I took a road trip down to St. George last weekend. I took my last final Thursday morning then worked two shifts (10:30-3:45 and 4:45-8). As soon as I finished at work, Clayton picked me up and we started our journey, picking up my friend Shannon (who is from St. George) on the way. After stopping briefly at Staples to pick up a work check, we left Provo at 8:45. We stopped once around 10:30 and bought a package of Spree's to keep Clayton awake. The rest of the trip was a battle of willpower -- to sleep or stay awake. Every time I got tired, I would stick a spree in Clayton's mouth and starting scratching his head or back, or squeeze his hand, or anything else I could think of to keep him going. We got there at 12:20. Clayton drove all the way. And we were quite safe, which is why I did not drive. :) We had a lovely breakfast with Shannon's family, then collected directions and ideas for where we could visit in St. George.

We took a tour of Brigham Young's winter home, took pictures at the temple, and then headed of to Rock Cliff's Recreation Site, which is like a national park on a smaller scale. We started hiking, and sometimes detoured to climb some of the rock formations. Somehow, we veered from the trail (which we though we were following) and dead ended at a mountain. We thought this meant we had to climb it, so we started up. It was an intense climb. Two-thirds or the way up, we realized it was stupid to go any farther without gear, so we made the trek down. It was quite the adventure.

the St. George temple

Hiking, climbing, etc.

The mountain that we climbed most of.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


YAY! We are leaving Provo! We're going to St. George. We'll be back very late Friday or very early Saturday. Try not to miss us too much. :-)

p.s. the indians returned our engagement pics. I will be able to post some soon!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i made dinner tonight

It was good. We had company. At Clayton's house. I found two single friends that will hang out with us if bribed with food. We do what we can for friends. Most people avoid us. Rarely read our blogs. Stay in their bedrooms when we're in the kitchen. Only talk on the phone when we call them. Never comment on our blogs. Think all we do is make out. Give us unwanted marital advice. Yeah, friends are lacking in our lives. Too bad. I miss when people talked to me cuz they liked me. Now that I'm engaged I have a red sign on my forehead that says don't talk to me. I don't even wear a ring. Oh well. Good thing I have an amazing man.

Ammendment to above paragraph: my mom calls me. I talk to her way more than anybody else. And sometimes Hollie.

We worked on designing wedding invitations today. They're really cute. Expect something unique. Then again, what else could you expect from a dance major and a communications major? :-) And dinner was amazing.

I got a new mattress yesterday. The apartment brought them. They are about 18 inches tall (no lie). Sleeping was lovely. Mmmmm...Just thinking about it makes me want to close my eyes and take a little snooze. But I have to jump (literally) to get on. It took me three tries to get back in bed after I went to the bathroom at four this morning.

Wow, I'm full. Dinner was so delicious. Clayton thinks so too. Yum. Clayton's addition to this post is that he loves me. I guess he has a lot to say.

Church was good. We like the family ward a lot better than my student ward. It's a lot more like real church. Lots of personality too. 69 days till we get married... They go by really fast, right?

CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION: I have NOT lost my ring, nor do I dislike it. In fact, I like it so much that I am keeping it safe in its box until we can both find a time to get off our lazy butts and go get it sized. That is all. I love my man and my ring.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Engagement pictures!!!

We did it!!! WE FINALLY DID IT! We took our engagement pictures -- YAY! I've been dragging my feet because I didn't have a shirt I wanted to wear. But I finally just decided enough was enough, and engagement pictures were taken. Over two hundred of them. I awoke at 5:45 this morning, got dressed, put on make-up, curled my hair, and woke Clayton with a text at 5:50. He freaked out thinking that it was an hour later than it was, then realized his alarms did not fail to ring, it was not time for them to go off yet. We picked up the photographer and went over to Bridalveil falls (appropriately named, isn't it?). We walked around while Kaylie followed us with a camera. Then she walked backwards in front of us with a camera. Then she posed us on benches and took pictures in front of, behind, next to, underneath, and hovering over us on her hovercraft. (okay, fine, there was no hovercraft. She just plain floated. Incredible.) We matched and just plain looked cute.

However, on our return from the falls, we were accosted by Indians beating drums, chanting, and stomping with their ankles covered in shells that shook as the walked. They demanded that we hand them our "soul-stealer" (camera) or we would never escape. The falls were behind us, the highway in front, and fierce Native Americans on either side. The only solution was to hand over the pictures that we worked so diligently all morning to obtain. I guess we'll have to try again next week... :-(

I wonder if we need to buy the photographer a new camera? Does insurance cover Indians?

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Have you ever looked and looked and looked for something you need, and you've needed it for a while, but can't find it ANYWHERE? Then, when you do find it you feel bad because it's not on sale but buy it anyway because you're just so plain frustrated about not being able to find anything else. Well...yeah. Clayton and I went to Kohl's. I was looking for a new swimsuit and some nice shirts I could wear to church and promised to not ruin by wearing them to dance class. All the juniors sizes were too casual and all the nice shirts in misses sizes were too big. I tried. The swimsuits were just plain ugly. So, Clayton bought new running shoes with my gift card.

The next day I went to target. Same story... nothing. So, I bought groceries with my gift card. Finally, I decided to try Wal-mart (where I did not have a gift card), and what do you know? Jack-pot! I bought a new swim suit that is so super cute! And it is not ridiculously low cut so I don't have to worry about my small chest not filling out the top! YAY! I also got three nice new shirts, a pair of dance pants, and a tank to dance in (I just couldn't resist). I spent $90...which is a lot. But I was so glad to find anything I just went ahead. I guess no more eating out for a while... :-( And I finally have nice clothes to go out in. Funny how that works.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Clayton and I went to eat at TGI Fridays today. Our first restaurant (outside of Arby's and Taco Bell) since we got engaged! YAY! It made my day...if not my weekend. And we bought him new running shoes at kohl's (They were on clearance), so we're going running tomorrow after he gets off work to celebrate. And I'm going to bed...good night!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

breaking the silence

Although I am rather proud of being third from the bottom on Lauren's list of "Friends and Family" (meaning only two people have not blogged more recently than me, those two being her husband and brother), I figured it was just plain time to write again. I have a goal for my blog. I'm not going to share yet though. I'm not quite committed to it, and I hate it when people make me do things just because I said I was going to without thinking it through properly.

Guess what?!?! First of all I had a bridal shower last week that was so so so fun! I know it's a little early, but it was the only time that everyone could be there that I wanted to be there. They dressed me in a toilet paper wedding dress with a toilet bouquet that I threw. :-) Second, in two weeks I will no longer be working at Freschetta! I'm back to Subway, where I'll be Lead Crew Supervisor, working thirty hours a week, and more importantly, NOT GOING TO SCHOOL UNTIL AFTER THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I apologize for the excessive amount of exclamation points).

Finally, I can feel all the end of semester stresses building up inside me just waiting to burst. I will soon overflow and not be a very pleasant person. Just thought I'd give fair warning. In the mean time though, I've got to write a eleven, here I come!