Monday, February 21, 2011

here's my dance again!

All right, here it is again! This is the dance I am choreographing for the March 2011 dancEnsemble show! It's coming together really well. I know that the videography is a far cry from professional -- especially since I, once again, did it on my phone. Also, it is in 5 parts because my phone will only film 60 seconds at a time. So you'll notice overlaps between the sections. But mostly, this is just so me and my dancers can remember what the choreography is. There is only 20 seconds left!!!

For costumes we are using some 40's style blue and green dresses -- and a khaki pant, white shirt and tie that matches for the man. The title is "The Sum of the Parts" and I'd tell you what it is about, but that would take WAAAAY too long. Just let me know -- do you see a difference between the movement in the first song and the second song. If you do, what is the difference that you notice?

Obviously it's not completely done or cleaned yet. That's why my dancers and I have three more rehearsals! Doesn't sound like much, but we've done what we have in five rehearsals, so I think adding about 30 seconds of choreography and cleaning this up a bit should be doable.

As for an update on my life -- I have officially lost it! :-) To quote the girl from Oklahoma "I jist cain't say NO!" (It's a song from the play, probably one of my favorites!) Oh and just so none of you get the wrong idea, it's not men that I "cain't say no" too. It's everything else. Every single opportunity that comes my way, I jump at. Whether or not I have time or the sanity to handle it. I'm presenting at three conferences in the next six weeks! I've been teaching 3 times a week at elementary schools for the past month! I'll continue that for the next 2 weeks. Then I'm down to once a week through April! That will be a relief. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I'm doing. This little (okay honestly not little at all, I might say HUGE) thesis project is ruling my life. Good thing it is super interesting and it's what I want to do the rest of my life! (in smaller amounts -- otherwise Clayton would kill me).

I'm really glad we made the decision to stay at BYU an extra year and a half because the opportunities that I've had recently and will continue to have are incredible! I've had some disappointments, but WAY more victories! Can you believe that I am going into schools and teaching dance and most of the teachers and students love it??? I feel like I just weaseled my way in -- doors just opened up to me! Here I am, constantly teaching and creating an incredible resource for Utah teachers. People ask me how I got in to all these schools to teach -- how I got this opportunity, and to be honest, I have no idea! But I'm having the time of my life (when I'm not crying about how I have no time left in my life...).

I've spent a billion hours designing the below poster. Cool though, huh?

There you go. A lengthy blog post full of information, thoughts, jokes, and giggles. Okay, maybe I'm not as funny as I think I am... But the above explanation is why I almost never blog anymore. I'm doing my best people... :-)

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